Cut branch favors

sanded favors, originally uploaded by ordinarymoment.

You know how sometimes the best ideas come to you right when you’re about to fall asleep?  It was one of those nights when I was attempting to mentally check off the wedding to-do list, fretting a bit about my big idea for a favor for our guests.  Yup, the time was quickly approaching and my grand idea to make little beeswax candles was starting to seem a bit ambitious.  I’d remembered earlier that day I’d come across some old branches my dad had cut off from a type of evergreen tree.  Thinking of our earthy, simple wedding, I wondered what I could use them for.  Yes!  That was it!  Those would be a little token of our day our friends + family could take home with them.  The textures + patterns of the cut wood had a beautiful look we knew would work just right.  So Matt did the cutting + drilling and I did the sanding to get them ready.  Just what we needed, just in time.

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