The finished pieces.

leaf print favors, originally uploaded by ordinarymoment.
We wanted to add a personal touch to the cut branches that would remind people of our woodsy wedding, so we continued the branch theme with the favors.  Again, I used a linocut stamp and a lighter shade of green ink, along with some turquoise for a brighter pop of color.  Not to mention, they matched my shoes.  The ones I may have searched everywhere for.  But that, of course, is a whole other story.
We borrowed a big woven basket from my mom and used a pretty tea towel to line it that she had picked out for me while in Denmark.  They were set out on a little table right outside where we ate, along with a guestbook with Gwen Frostic nature prints ( and a digital frame with a slideshow of photos of the two of us growing up + dating.  We used the branches some more to make a nifty pen holder, too!
In the end, I loved how we were able to repurpose the scrap branches and turn them into something special.

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