Just a little walk out back

garden fresh, originally uploaded by ordinarymoment.

There’s something so special (and yummy!) about being able to walk out your back door and pick some fresh veggies + herbs to make your own delicious meal. Despite the late start my garden had, the plants are all taking well to the raised beds M helped build. Lots of sun + love = fresh food for your tummy. It’s like tiny little miracles every time you check on your garden…I do get a little giddy inside when I see something ready to pick. Yesterday I made Israeli couscous wraps for lunch. Chopped up these tomatoes + peppers, added some olive oil + balsamic + fresh dill. So yummy! For dinner we roasted our first Japanese eggplant. It was so tender. Can’t wait to try some more.
It’s quite the blessing to have the space for a veggie garden. Summer is so full of possibilities that must be squeezed into a few short months. I am savoring each + every bite of these fresh, flavorful fruits of the season. Hopefully I will end up having enough to share!

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