with their eyes all aglow

cozy christmas, originally uploaded by ordinarymoment.
A cozy Christmas Eve, in our pj’s, one last snapshot to end an evening filled with family + smiles. Ah, the fresh scent of our second tree together, the lights, a few childhood ornaments amongst the new. The comfort + promise of so many more to come. Time together, seasons, memories. To grow + expand with our hopes and dreams.
And I realize, that is what this season is all about. The gift of sharing ourselves with others, laughing, loving, just being there. I couldn’t tell you every toy I got as a child, but I could tell you how it felt standing next to my Grandpa at church on Christmas Eve, his deep, clear voice harmonizing with my Grandma’s as we all sang of such joy, hope, and peace. The way the candles flickered + glowed so much warmth as we remembered, all is calm, all is bright. The brisk night air, the stars, the contentment knowing what it meant to be blessed with a family who was always there for me.
 As we grow up, the magic of the season shifts + changes, people come and go, but that love + hope is always there if we remember to seek it. Families grow, new traditions are made, but still that simple act of togetherness will always be the best gift we can ever share.

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