you are beautiful, my sweet, sweet song

music to my ears, originally uploaded by ordinarymoment.

Oh, how I love music. A constant in my life I could never be without. It has saved me, and comforted me, and carried me through trials. It’s brought me joy + bliss and given me goosebumps. I think of my very best memories, and there it was. How rich it makes our lives.
I am pretty sure I lived through my teenage years with headphones permanently attached to my head. Laying on the floor, finger on the record button just waiting for that amazing song to come on the radio. Mix tapes, staying up past my bedtime to listen to my favorite band being interviewed, secret late night taping sessions of music videos on mtv. The thrill of going to shows, seeing your adored music in person. In college, spending what little money I had on a new album at Atomic every week. Long walks, discman in hand, beautiful music to accompany me for hours as I thought + tried to figure out all the challenges of growing up. Road trips to hear the best music, my favorite past time. So many adventures, so much happiness. All from the simplicity of music.
How it has helped me through heartbreak + change + uncertainty. Just knowing someone else out there has felt the same way, turning their sorrows into beauty. Sharing the beautiful moments of life through a song, a melody. Taking that risk of putting yourself out there, hoping others will live better by your words, your notes. Music has healed me, helped me to understand, brought me through my difficulties. I have always appreciated genuine music, how it connects you to the person who wrote it, catching a glimpse into their lives. I love simple, beautiful music. Harmonies, strings, perfect words. It calms me after long + busy days, makes life so much fuller. Some of the most incredible days of my life were spent at shows, being blown away, having my soul filled + overwhelmed with the beauty of a song. So, to all the amazing musicians out there, thank you. Keep sharing your thoughts, your songs. It means so much to so many. It gives us hope, a way to go on. It brings joy + makes our days brighter. You are a blessing and you make life so much greater. Thank you.

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