laughter and joy.

6 months ollie, originally uploaded by ordinarymoment.
Bringing a dog into our lives has brought so much laughter and happiness. Almost 30 years old, and I had never owned a puppy of my own. Ollie is crazy and funny and adorable and frustrating at times, but oh how we love him. He’s helped us to discover new places and has inspired adventures. Beautiful hiking spots so close to home yet never explored before. He likes to eat and sniff all things–most especially mulch, leaves, pieces of fireworks, any little bit he can get into his mouth outside. He ate so much sand on his first beach trip that his poop was sandy for two days straight. He is tinier than we were expecting and can jump so high, even when we form our arms into a circle and tell him to “Jump through the hoop!”. He likes to do yoga stretches after he gets up and gently jumps up so you can give him a hug. (He is peeking over the couch cushion as I type with his favorite tiny basketball and a wagging tail, hoping I will play some fetch). He is a fraidy dog and hides or barks if something is out of place…a jacket, a rubbermaid container, a big pot on the stove. If we are watching tv and not paying enough attention to him, he will jump on the back of the couch, barking at us to tease us, hoping we will play. He is energetic and playful but when he is finally tired he will snuggle on our laps while he falls asleep. He is pretty awesome and we can’t imagine life without our little Ollie bud.

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